What About My Julie?

The elders of our city were united in their aim,
To give due recognition to what e'r would bring acclaim;
To Liverpool, the city, its people and the place.
A wondrous 'pool of talent' that could have no fairer face.

They sought a potent symbol that would make the city great,
The people were consulted and invited to debate.
Its fine outstanding features of great merit and esteem;
All would be considered in the pursuit of the dream.

As you can imagine there was bickering, dissent;
The Liver Birds were mentioned but there's some would not relent.
The Anglican Cathedral and a sea of hands were raised -
But some said Paddy's wigwam and debate was set ablaze.

"What about the workers?" A voice was heard to cry.
"Sod the bleedin' workers; we must identify -
A glorious achievement!" a Scouse was heard to say;
"The dock road pubs and dockers .... and most of all their pay."

It raised a lot of eyebrows and the audience was still;
Then someone said the Empire, Adelphi or the Phil'.
"Rubbish! Give us Yates's, an Aussie White or two."
A sea of hands was raised again till someone said, 'The zoo?'

"We haven't got a bloody zoo! Safari Park you mean.
Better still the Beatles and their yellow submarine."
"What about McManaman, Robbie Fowler, Rush?"
"Everton!" another said. (A pin would break the hush).

The Tunnel got a mention and the Albert Dock an' all;
The night life and the Tate of course, and then St. George's Hall.
A show of hands was called for but it split the vote unduly,
And then a quiet voice was heard: "What about my Julie?"

You could have heard a pin drop. The chair said, "Julie who?"
"Here she is." the Scouser said as she stepped into view.
Oh what a gorgeous body, her lovely face - her hair;
Such big blue eyes, fantastic thighs, the answer to a prayer.

You had to give 'er credit, she was beautiful, divine;
No man alive would dare but sigh, I wish that she were mine.
The tall and slender beauty with the cover girl technique;
Had lips that promised kisses that would last at least a week.

"Here she is, my Julie, and her beauty you will note;
My gorgeous girl's from Liverpool, so let us have your vote.
For recognition and esteem, merit and acclaim,
Your vote will bring us glory and your vote will bring us fame.

The vote was clearly carried as our Julie was appraised.
Unanimous? I swear to you that every hand was raised.
So Julie on her beauty was elected as supreme.
Now Liverpool retains the right to lead where others dream.

By Michael Walsh