I am a Scouser
I am living Scouse history
not proud to be built
on black blood
or the backs of the Irish
living in squalor
slaves without chains.

Yet there were philanthropists
great men who brought the first wave
of culture to Liverpool
and the Welsh
who colonized our schools
and taught us how to read
the Chinese who gave us sweet and sour
like religion
and dockers partition
and the emigrants who fleeing their clearance
and made
who wanted nothing better
than to live
a decent life over
a well honed step
with the help of Aunt Sally
but were
bombed near insanity
a guttural enemy.

But they survived
and rebuilt our city
out of the rubble of humour
Scouse humour
the best in the world
in love
in death
in the face of adversity.

We are the Capitol of Humour
we had to be
battered by life
shaped by our diversity
we’ve pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps
and said
two fingers to humiltiy
because we
share one unique characteristic
and that is
apart from our accent
and our sense of humour
each of us can say
... I am a Scouser.

By I Horton