The air is still,and the sun is warm
why would I bother with Benidorm
I lie here drinking a chilled class of lager
I would'nt give you twopence for the Costa-Brava,
Venice is nice but there al to far.
I can get my jolly's at my local bar
Gibraltar and the med and of cause Spain
you can only get these places on a crowded plane
my holiday starts without any fuss
I get home from work on the 14 bus
all the work in my garden has realy paid off
as I lie here lounging like some well of toff
no draging heavy bags through a massive crowd
while listening to someones radio thats far to loud.
Then coming back again,its most unruly
guess who's dragging all the bags,yours truly
no not for me, this seasonel scrum
I'm staying at home on my big fat bum.

By Ted Freeman