End of the Liverpool we knew

What the hell are you doin’ to the City?
Tearin’ down the old buildings we’ve known
Spoiling the view from the river
Which tells us, ‘OK – lads we’re home’.

Shovin’ up plasticy structures,
So the architects earn all their dosh.
Makin’ a mess of the skyline
And you think that you’re makin’ it posh.

Stop tryin’ to emulate others,
Turn it into New York or Hong Kong,
That’s not what the tourists all come for.
If you think so … there’s lots think yer wrong.

Try goin’ over to Belgium
To alter the city of Bruges.
That, I can tell yer, would find yer
In the middle of ruddy big feuds.

Whatever are yer all thinkin’?
Just smarten up that which yer own!
Let designers go back where they cum from …
For Pete’s sake – this is our home.

By I Cross