The Girls We Were, The Girls We Are

We may have passed each other, on the street without a glance,
maybe we watched Flash Gordon at the Gaumont in a trance,
we may have shared a moment, at the swings off Dingle Lane,
were you that girl, upon the swing? I never knew her name.

I may have seen you, New Years Eve, kissing all the boys,
perhaps we heard each others voice, above the singing and the noise
were you that child in Crowley’s yard, amongst the nutty slack?
watching Nat and his tiny Mum, shovel coal into your sack.

I think I may have seen you once , in Farmers eating chips,
or maybe down on Grafton Street, by the railings watching ships,
you could have been the ' Big Girl ' who I wanted to be like,
you could have been the little girl, who rode past me on her bike.

I think I saw you one dark night, on the corner with the boys,
I never took much notice, I was busy with my toys,
I stood and watched a wedding once, the bride all dressed in white,
perhaps you were that blushing bride, with her future looking bright.

One Friday night at Dingle Vale, whilst bopping at the hop
perhaps you saw the dark haired girl, you had met once in a shop,
maybe that dark haired girl was me, or maybe it was you
a Dingle girl, we saw around, but, never really knew.

We knew each other in the past, Our roots are just the same
we are the girls, we passed each day, and never knew the name,
but fate has thrown us back in time, and we've found friendship on the net
the little girl we never knew, we will never now forget.

I thank you for your friendship, to the girls I almost knew
that little girl, just down the street, who could be me or you,
but now we've found each other, we never will grow old
we'll always be the Dingle Girls, with stories to be told.

Who cares if our hair is silver, for we will always be
the girls, we might remember, the girls we used to be
we now all have our families, when once we had ribbons and curls,
but don't forget, the Dingle bred, the Georgous Dingle Girls.

By Pauline E Speak