liverpool institute

The boys institute,
that's where my dad
went to school
- although he did admit to me
that he bunked off
a lot of the time.

He had great memories of
his school
and told us
many a tale
the sly ciggies behind the sheds
and the weapons the teachers
would use if they caught you!!

Such a large looming building,
and so very beautiful.

I ended up going there myself,
only years later when it became
Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.
He told me how proud he was of me
and I knew it had
meant a lot to him.

I miss him so much
that it aches.
He's left such a gaping hole
in our lives
now that he's gone.
It's something we just have to
live with, move on with.
How do you begin to do that?

When I look at the Institute
and think of the times
we both had there,
it brings him back to me
for just a little while,
and I can see him smiling.

By lisa arthur