A poem for Liverpool to Celebrate its 800th Birthday

Am glad to be born and bred in Liverpool
its nice to be brought up into something cool.
Am going to make sure Liverpool's 800th birthday
goes out with a massive bang
especially when the entertainment is just so sound.

The Beatles are known for their career
its just so nice to be clear on
what our city does for everyone’s career.
Every time people come to visit
they always want to stay over here,
because its a nice place and city to be near.

Liverpool is just so great
and that's no debate
when people come to visit they always say
there's nothing to hate,
Scouser's are sound as a pound
everyone gets on with each other
and that's why Liverpool our city is like no other.

I will now finish my poem by saying
I will see you all on the day of Liverpool's 800th birthday
it will be so amazing to celebrate everything in our City
like our Culture, The Arts and Museums,
the Entertainment, Night Life,
Shopping and Restaurants and also Football.
Everything I have just named proves
why our City is the best place to be,
nowhere else comes close,
apart from the boats.

By Michelle Williams young poet