I'm glad I was borne in Liverpool

My young Years Celebrating Liverpool's 800th Birthday.
How can Liverpool have a birthday there not people
they haven't came out of people like we have
no one has given birth to them
so how can Liverpool be celebrating there 800th birthday?

I asked my mummy and she told me the story
all the history about Liverpool
as my mummy was telling me I thought it was funny
but am glad I asked because I now understand
everythink about Liverpool
and am so glad to be part of it.

I am so excited now as I will be getting older
I am going to learn more thing's
about everythink that has happened in my City
I just cant believe Liverpool is nearly 800yrs old.

Since I have been told about my City I realise now
that anything in the world can have birthday's
which is nice, its a time were we can all celebrate
the time that thing's were built
which is an amazing memory that we never forget.

All the history what goes with things to celebrate
is just life and goes on and on as we grow.
Am so glad I was born in Liverpool and wouldn't live anywhere else.

By Lilly Williams young poet