A Liverpool Father's Memory

The Lord gave me a very special son

With whom I spent time and had so much fun

The joy that he brought to me and my wife

Has given us memories that have so blessed our life

From the time that he was able to put a smile on his face

Seldom would you see him without it in place

He was always so happy and a joy to be around

It was nearly impossible for anyone to frown

When Mark would talk with his beautiful voice

Smiling and laughter became your only choice

As he grew older, his talents did grow

Oh how he was able to put on a show

Playing football in his bare feet

That boy was like no one you ever did meet

He was able to master everything he would try

Oh when I think of him I so want to cry

Football was my game till I taught him

Oh did Mark know how to win He even beat me to Heaven and I can just see his face

Smiling, when he says "Dad another second place"

I can see his excitement as he shows me around

And we reminisce of the days we had on this ground

I can only imagine what that day will be like

When I can hug my son and hold him so tight

My son is no longer here in this place

But i know for certain that I will again see his face

It will be in Heaven, a place of great joy

When I will be happy again with my boy

By Anthony Redmond