The Place I love

It's music and poetry
Football and scouse
That welcome waiting
at a friends house.

Its fashion and passions
a language unique
Cathedrals, Two
if that’s what you seek.

Take St Georges Hall
not a building more grand
study the architecture
and you will understand.

Down at the Pierhead
watch the Mersey Roll by
Witness the Liver Building
paying homage to the sky.

Take a stroll along Hope Street
or Lime if you may
Experience hush in the city
when day fades away.

At Speke the airport
Is named after John
his dream for peace
will now live on.

Tall ships, small ships
Ghosts from the past
Slaves and immigrants
all part of the cast

The choir will sing
it’s heavenly song
when the Capital of Culture
strikes the big gong.

By Eileen Kyriacou