Liverpool, The Home Port

When it seemed all hope had gone,
When all had backs against the wall,
The world looked on with baited breath,
And waited for our certain fall.
Winston Churchill came to power,
Restoring hope and withered pride,
He spoke of how our finest hour,
Would see oppression cast aside.

Men and women hand in hand,
In the air, on land and sea,
Joined united, steadfast, true,
On battlefields, in factories.
The Admiralty at Derby House,
Deep within their secret lair,
Protected Convoys coast to coast,
Despite the U.Boats deadly glare.

Dockers worked throughout the Port,
When sirens sounded all toiled on,
United in the one belief,
The task before them must be done.
Through six hard years of sacrifice,
The "City" kept its will sustained,
Until in 1945,
The "Final Victory" was gained.

By Syd Webster The Rhymin' Fireman