In The Shadows of A Liverpool Childhood

Silent bricks the stones are mute
Their stories sealed within
Eternal mortar whose tales unknown
And never told again

Water Street that held my footsteps
St George's Hall my gaze
North St John Street I recall
Like me seen better days

These streets they carry history
Within each human step
And worn out shoes and broken hearts
Find solace and repent

The benediction of the past
Burst forth in songs of old
The terrace banter heals the pain
And warms a love grown cold

I was Lindsay Cally Keegan
Rushie Kenny God
I'd call to Heighway on the wing
And spread the ball to Tosh

Shankly stood the proudest King
His faithful knights so bold
In Red they wore defences down
Like mighty oceans rolled

Paisley smiles says fewer words
His deeds an epic tale
With him the Reds of Liverpool
Forged glory never failed

Fagan but a humble man
A legend for the 'pool
His accent warm and generous
Like us from the same soil

Mersey Ferries were a playground
We raced down Pier Head
The summer's lasted through our dreaming
Mam calls "It's time for bed!"

Copied heroes fought our battles
Idled time through school
Scousers proud how we declare

Oakfield Road and Walton Breck
Then down to Kilshaw where
The people loved rest in their peace
We'll join them one day there.

By Parry Maguire