What should a memorial be?
A statue?
A tree?
A blue plaque maybe?
There's only one for me...
Well not for's for Diana
In a square that's still a bit grim
With faded shops
A theatre with a 60's carbuncle
Sometimes a roundabout to bring a smile
And a German market at Christmas
But now there's something that makes be smile every time I pass it....
without fail
A fountain
Sounds mundane?
Not this one
As you approach you hear the sounds of screams and laughter
Teenagers egging each other on to run through the watery arches
Babies in the safety of dad's arms
Mum standing by laughing and proud
Young children summoning up the courage
to follow their older siblings through the tunnel
On a hot day men young and old wait in anticipation
Hoping the young girls standing by will 'have a go'
Give them all a treat
Now that's what I call a memorial
We beat London hands down on this one!
With Roger's words fencing the laughter in
That's what I call a memorial!

By Angela Kenny