The Place I Grew Up

The place I grew up became famous today.

The images captured on TV were stark, sad and full of despair, the broken road and derelict pub,
A far cry from the place that fills my memories and dreams.

In the 60’s I played in the streets
Roller skated down the road where I was born
Cycled to the woods and adventured along a brook grandly titled as a river.

In the 70’s I snogged behind the bicycle sheds – [I wish]
I discoed in the community hall, begging the boys to dance with me and making do with girls in circles worshipping our bags.

We drooled over the footie players, our hero’s, who spoke on telly the same way we did

Me schools: the space where friends laughed at you and with you, making jokes up as we went through hardships and highlights, skitting the teachers, mimicking the dinner ladies – a camaraderie unique to us

We asked about religion, ‘proddy dog’ or ‘cat –lick’, but the answer made no difference.

We walked the streets, played in the woods, felt safe, together and from the same place: Crocky.

The place I grew up became famous today.

'Croxteth: a sprawling suburb of Liverpool'.

By ruth gould