Eyes In The Night

The River flows its rigid way
Beneath the buildings dark and grey.
Where smoky steamers chug each day
And oily seagulls sport and play
And hover, Oh so lightly.
But, 'neath the buildings high above
In entries, cold and void of love
A thousand eyes gleam nightly.

A dusty pigeon flying by
Her feathers black against the sky
Giving her throaty pigeons cry
Will find a nest wherein to lie
And sleep, in comfort, nightly.
But, 'neath that nest, with happy brood
In cold wet entries without food
A thousand eyes gleam brightly.

On our side of the river, high,
The Liver Buildings meet the sky
And past its clock face seagulls fly
While business men all hurry by
Brief cases shining brightly.
But.....'neath the bustle of the city
In dirty entries without pity
Those eyes still gleam so brightly.

For they will be there night and day
Until someone can find a way
To find some homes for them to stay
Where they need never move away
Those stray cats of our city.
Until that day comes.....there they'll be.....
A thousand eyes.....all haunting me.....
In entries.....void of pity.

By By Clare Snead, a founder Trustee of Liverpool based Phoenix Cat Rescue Trust