Merseybeat Smackheads

All possibilites opened
all ambitions sucked out
and they tell us there is culture
where the heroin clouds

The city has to be controlled
In case tourists get offended
Over the gathered in a public square
Who were provoked and then prevented

The behaviour the ego of the Mayor
The Council seat contradictions
to make all the dross all fit in their box
They target and train their addictions

The Black Panthers went all slack
When their streets went all crack
Social control at sensitive time
History repeats when nobody reads
Narcotic community mines

This city is to be controlled
and YOU who go along
As you claim it's inspiration
For your ignored arts and boring songs

Prepared to pay to WATCH them!
To encourage and actually LISTEN!

If their is culture where heroin clouds
Then somehow we have lost our function
All ambitions have been sucked out...
as all possibilites opened....

By Aaron Murdoch