Newsham Park

Newsham park was an amazing place
A huge area of green open space
The jewel of which was a magic lake
Whose rowing boats we did take
In a figure of eight round and round
And upon its island we would run aground
We would also visit its shallow pond
And sail my yacht of which I was fond
Then there were the follies with music and shows
What happened to them nobody knows
I remember a playground full of good things
Like roundabouts see-saws, maypoles and swings
If we couldn’t afford our own cricket gear
The man in the hut said “you can borrow it here”
He also had beanbags, footballs and stilts
Which if we fell off blood would be spilt
On Lister drive there was a swimming baths
We would swim around and have a few laughs
It would also be fun in the winter snow
Sledging downhill dressed head to toe
It was also a sad place despite all I’ve said
With my grandparents dying in its hospital beds
But we had one advantage over the kids of today
We had a really safe place to go out and play

By Thomas W Carey