Last Stage to Northwood

The last 544 bus to Northwood leaving town on a Saturday night-
was like an Alan Bleasdale play, almost certain to include a fight!
The driver and conductor should have each received an award-
as they tried to keep things in order when the people swarmed onboard!
‘No use going around for the fares,’ the driver told his worried mate,
‘Just hope we get there in one piece, we’re already running late!’
‘First stop-Queens Drive! We’re going along the Dock Road tonight!’
The conductor announced to the merry crowd.
‘Just tell us when we get to the Johnny Todd!’
‘I will, I will!’ The conductor solemnly vowed!
The bus flew past the stops en-route.
‘Full up, full up!’ The worried conductor lied!
‘God forgive you, lad!’ Someone shouted!
‘There are a couple of seats inside!’
All along the East Lancs Road, the crowd were in good voice!
‘Stop here, mate, I want to get off!’ The driver had no choice!
‘No need for a ticket, lad’ they said, as they tumbled down the stairs.
The conductor took the money and mouthed some silent prayers!
At last the ordeal was over and the bus turned and headed for Gillmoss!
Two people were still asleep upstairs, but the driver didn’t tell the boss!

By Brian O'Connell