Ode to a Timeless City

Ode to a Timeless City

Pale blue skies with drifting white clouds and the sound
of fog horns from ships on the Mersey always calling.
Green goddess trams with four rides for a penny waiting
to take me to the Pier Head and the Royal Daffodil ferry.

Over to New Brighton with bucket and spade and the one
legged diver never afraid to show his skills for thrills.
Walls ice cream in a triangular tube, paddling and making
castles in the sand to the sound of a distant band.

Dark clouds appear and the lights go out and all is changed
now the demons start to shout and yell as the world descends into
itís personal Hell.
The sirens and the people start their sad wailing the bombs fall
to kill and maim as I sadly ponder, who will we blame?

The war is lost and won the dark clouds subside whilst the ferries
are offering rides back to the sands and joyful bands but sadly, many new
one legged divers abound as new generations arise to hopefully
dispel all future fear?

Kenneth Williams


By Kenneth Williams