Liverpool with a Twist

Viewing the city through a forest of cranes is an unusual sight. Liverpool left to deteriorate like a bad apple in a very large barrel, the decay bordered on the absurd.

With the exception of London, no city comes close to the beauty of our Neo-classical and Georgian buildings.
Look up and realise the optimism of the leaders of the past,
their inspired vision and the hope they had in the future.
Now the flame for regeneration comes with
Capital of Culture 2008.

The Council know what to keep and what to let go.
The small amount of concrete boxes, commonly known
as ĎThe Abominations of the 60sí will not be missed.
Iím stimulated by the thought of a new and vibrant city
its people can still be proud of.
Hoping for something uniquely impressive but will gladly settle for a job well done.

Humour runs through Liverpool like the running-tides in the Mersey and never needs maintaining.
Our artists, writers, poets, singers, musicians, sculptors, actors and sportsmen will continue to show the world what our culture can offer.

This city has an inner layer that only its people know,
for our people are the lifeís blood of our city.
With their unique accent, blind tolerance
and warm hospitality that puts visitors at ease.
A theatre-going public that most of the major cities in the world would envy.
The greatest supported libraries for research and now one of the most popular university towns in the UK,
plus a whole lot more.

My city is like a powerful narcotic,
I truly miss her whenever Iím away, for it holds all the memories and magic of my youth.
It always has been a town of unexpected charm,
regardless of whatís been said in the past.
In the evenings I smile to myself and give
thanks for the day.
I have been where I want to be, done what I love to do
and been with the people I want to be with.
What pleases me most is, true wit, amusing stories and good conversation
and I can hardly wait to hear what will be said tomorrow
Öin Liverpool

By Jim Connolly