Billy Martin's

Did yer learn ter dance
At Billy Martin’s in Old Swan?
Dance School, was the very best
And second, then, to none.
All the girls was taken
In one room to be learned.
The boys was in the other.
While we pointed, stepped and turned.
The doors were then swung open,
An’ I ‘eard the teacher say
‘Get yerself a partner.
Now! We haven’t gorr all day.’
The goin’s on, the shuv ‘n push.
All tryin’ to repeat
What we’d learnt, bur on or own …
All lookin’ a’ our feet.
Was you the bloke
Who stubbed me toe?
An’ made me curse and wince.
Yer didn’t do much damage, luv
I’ve bin dancin’ ever since.

By Jean Neale