Liverpool is the number one city!

We're the city of Scousers,
And together we do stand,
As the proudest city in England,
Standing hand in hand.

We do have funny accents,
That make us really stand out,
But before you point your finger,
Find out what the city is about!

Our city is an amazing place,
Where there's always something going on,
Nothing here is done at slow pace,
Even when the sun is gone!

Our nightlife is great,
Especially when our football teams have won,
There are smiles and hugs everywhere,
And we get on with everyone!

We are the hometown of the Beatles,
And we have more legends in the making,
Eat your heart out Simon Cowell,
Because they're there for the taking.

So here is my conclusion,
That Liverpool is the best,
No other city even comes near,
Because we're better than the rest!!!

By Danielle King