On Our 900th Birthday

On our 900th birthday
will the Pier Head still be there
will they keep St George`s Hall clean
and the Stanley Dock please spare

Will the ferries roam the river
and the tunnels let cars through
will there still be standing football grounds
one each for red and blue

Will Victoria`s statue keep on looking
across to the Town Hall
will Mathew street have Beatle fans
and groups names on the wall

Will Paddy have his wigwam
and the Anglican its tower
will the buildings around Catherine street
still stand showing their power

Will there still be Liver buildings
and the Albert Dock so fine
will they still go on the Mersey
to admire our skyline

If they look from the Adelphi
will Lewis`s be in sight
will the lights on St John`s Beacon
still be shining in the night

Will they walk the parks of Calderstones
Sefton, Newsham, Stanley
will the cemeteries be overgrown
or distant memory

Will they still have all the street names
that have served our city proud
will the people buy from market stalls
and Echo sellers loud

Will they know of Billy and Roger
and the plan that they did sow
will they read all of our poems
wrote one hundred years ago

If you are reading our poems
may we say without a frown
dont change too many places
because we are still looking down

Enjoy Liverpool, We did

By Anthony Hogan