Ferry Across the Mersey

...so ferry ‘cross the Mersey and always take me there
----Gerry Marsden

Ferry 'Cross the Mersey

It was not just the Beatles who emerged

and rocked across the sea and spilt the tide

over America. Gerry Marsden crooned

out "Ferry 'Cross the Mersey," and we heard

The Swinging' Bluejeans sing while Robert Plant

developed style there at the riverside;

The Cavern Club birthed hit songs, and my band

would imitate their sound and play them out

at high school dances. Cream's drums and guitar

stunned all of us. Badfinger, Cilla Black

broke like a wave, engulfing me: long hair,

tight jeans and miniskirts, lyrics that cried,

You don't need to conform, a beat that said,

Here is a new world ferried to your door.

By David W. Landrum