Remember Eddie ?

He ran the entire Wembley pitch.
He ran with joy and ecstasy
while the fans jumped and hugged
losing their hats and glasses

They were loosing two nil
they had travelled to London Town
full of expectations
but they were feeling down.

The Wednesday team so strong and proud
The Everton boys never conceded
scored one then a second
a chance of victory seemed feasible

A mistake from Sheffield steeled and aimed
the net bulged; the arm raised, the fans roared
but all eyes on the camera were on him

He was chased by a couple of policemen
one caught him but only took of his jacket
he squealed and almost reached the goalmouth
the second quicker ensured he did not make it

My family watched the final on the TV
at supper we talked about the match
We could not recall the winning goal
but we remembered Eddie Kavanagh..

By By Barry Avison