At the Picture House.

The film showing at The Hippodrome was 'She', starring Peter Cushing!
The queue outside was long, but there was no trouble or any pushing!
We all settled down to watch the tale unfold upon the silver screen
As gorgeous Ursula Andress was unveiled as the immortal Queen!
Each time that 'She' appeared in all her majesty, the audience erupted!
Young ladies covered their boyfriend's eyes, in case they were corrupted!
A crucial role in the film was taken by the menacing Christopher Lee!
He played the part of a High Priest who rejoiced in the name of 'Billali!'
Someone laughed! Then the audience joined in and they all began to mock!
'Billali! Billali! A-One-two-three o'clock! Four o'clock! Rock!'

By Brian O'Connell