68 Bus

I thought "duh" whats all the fuss
its only riding on a bus
that was just my first mistake
as I got on the 68

The engine moaned, the driver sighed
half the passengers they cried
as off we set from Eggy vale
we must hang on, we must not fail

We headed into Sevie park
and hoped we`d get out before dark
many hours spent in pain
and we had only made it to Rose Lane

From Allerton to Wavertree
the sweat was pouring off of me
then I could not feel my bum
from the knees up it all went numb

Picton clock said ten past four
Edge lane drive add twenty more
as the traffic moved us on
oh Lord please no! im in Old Swan

Like a snail we moved so slow
I felt my beard begin to grow
t`was wonder there was not a fight
at every bloomin traffic light

Green lane, the market at Tuebrook
by Lower Breck I`d read me book
people started gettin fiery
as we crossed the lights and into Priory

This bus had broken many rules
but then it let on all the schools
yer ming! yer biff! yer wot der lad!
for 7 stops was all I had

By Goodison i was feeling blue
who I was, i never knew
I needed food, I needed water
I was the lamb sent to the slaughter

on County road by kentucky chicken
people saw me window wavin
help! help! I tried to say
as we moved slowly on our way

County really is so long
so long and long and long and long
a little hope to ease the pain
we`ve made it nearly to Rice Lane

I heard screams at the next stop
as many soldiers clambered off
those guys so brave, that is for sure
but even they could take no more

On southport road I went all welly
my head it span and felt like jelly
"catch him" i heard someone shout
then hit the floor as i passed out

Coming round on the bus floor
I felt the breeze, an open door
a woman saying," move will yer man"
"I need that room for me pram"

Up I got, then back in chair
amid the haggard everywhere
then I saw the promised land
the beauty of the Bootle Strand

the bus pulled in, it was all done
the journey over, we had won
I praised the Lord for sparing me
jibbered giggles, fits of glee

Although our legs we could not feel
we felt the bond of our ordeal
the 68 bus has got a curse
but the 62 is even worse

By Anthony Hogan