Reclaimation (memories of Liverpool)

Chasing her thoughts across the stones of memory
She'd returned home
Observing majestic ownership along the waterfront
Ageing structures bleeding guilty shadows
She'd arrived, stepping on the past with wisdoms feet.

Passing anxious, kohl-eyed teengagers
Huddled for shelter in Paradise Street
She searched hurried faces
Desperate to claim recognition.

Finally she settled
In an inner city haven
Sipping a cool drink
Absorbing blazing thoughts.

Thoughts of:
80's rage exploding across well known streets
of the label 'disruptive', 'hooligan'
of poverty, despair
forgotten places, forgotten people.

Rising to leave
She entered the joyful stew
Taking a crowded 80a up Catherine Street
She realised, accepted, she was home.

By Michelle Wright