Dr Winston O' Boogie

Pill poppin', acid droppin', I just can't make him out.
Word twistin', enemy listin', what's he all about ?
Warped mind, the century find? He's hard to label or tag.
Pop hater, pop creator, living inside a bag.
Woman user? Woman abuser? Did he know were to stand?
Schoolboy joker, illegal smoker, did he break up the band?
Heart breakin', love fakin', emotions torn when a boy.
Friend beater, junk eater, fragile as a toy.
Stoned head, protesting in bed, an image dirty clean.
Won an award, grew bored, so returned it to the Queen.
Peace mission, coke fishin', grinning beneath his hat.
Were things mastered, when bullet blasted, where was he ever at?

By Mike Bartram