The Famous City of Liverpool

We are the famous city of Liverpool,
Where the creed, the culture, the buildings are cool,
We wear our colours on a football jersey,
Hear our ancestors sing 'Ferry Across the Mersey'.
‘This land, the place I love,’ they sang aloud,
To be part of this city, we feel so proud.
Music is life blood running through our veins,
We sing about our stories, joys and pains.
Beatles' tunes echo down Mathew Street,
Liverpool's constantly tapping her feet!
As Liverpool celebrates 800 years,
We think back to all the laughter and tears:
From King John's land, a legend was raised,
And now our future deserves to be praised.
The football teams, we hold in high esteem,
Help our children to live a dream.
If you want some heat, catch the red vs. blue
In Liverpool, there's always some action for you!
Our people have gained a sense of individuality,
This is shown in the city’s personality.
‘The world in one city,’ our title, our rule:
We are the famous city of Liverpool!

By Class 7A1 Childwall Sports College