One Street In Dingle

A long time ago you served us well,
from needle to anchor you used to sell.
in a variety of shops, with the best of attention,
I can't name them all but many I'll mention.
You had places of worship, places to drink,
a factory close by where they bottled ink.
Familiar the trade mark - a gracious white swan,
two trams en route, 45 and 21.
The facilities you offered where beyond compare,
the only street in the city to boast its own fair.
On the High Flyer, terrific the thrill.
The dusty flour men who worked in the mill.
The Domestic Mission, Park Pllace, the Florrie,
the cow butter stores on the corner of Warry.
Wringers repaired with new roller and cog,
an animal clinic for sick cat and dog.
Feeling off colour with a pain in your tummy?
Then Kennedy's chemist on the corner of Northummy
was well stocked with medicinal goods,
bad teeth were extracted by Mr Woods.
Woolfenden's and Denny's they accepted pledges.
Oven fresh bread from Johnson's or Blackledges.
Irwin's - The Maypole - in competition with Gates.
Spare ribs and cabbage from Postlethwaites.
Clarkson's for bedding, new boots from Lee's,
or the running shutters - flower beds from Bee's.
John Cook the pork butcher with delicious spice balls.
A tanner hop in Jack Quinn's dance hall.
The Hollow, the Big Step, close to Forge Crack,
the Flat House, the Crow's Nest to knock a pint back.
The Flat Iron, the Brass Bars, the Weathercock,
Clement Troop for a second hand frock.
Bleach, soap and soda to assist with the chores,
gas mantles, paraffin, candles from Law's.
Bob's for a shampoo, a trim and a shingle,
all these facilities in one street in the Dingle.
A street full of memories, they linger still sweet,
progress has changed the face of MILL STREET.

A very old poem sent in by Jay Mitton

By Marion Smith