The Radio Show ( like no other )

Have you listened to the world's best radio show yet ?
If not, it's time to tune in on your radio set.
The show's on most nights from 10 until 2.
Including a ' phone in ' like no other, just for you.
Not much music, just great guests and chat.
And Tom's local ghost stories, and stuff like that.
No other radio programme is quite the same.
It's even got a prestigious award after it's name !
Now back to that ' phone in ' it can get very irate.
All fair and square if it's a decent debate.
But if you ' wind up ' Pete, and turn the air blue.
Then 'scissor hands ' Jay has his job to do !
So for the best show in town you know were to go.
City 96.7..... The Pete Price Show !

By Mike Bartram