The Little House Joe

Why did Dolly leave home
why did she pack up and go
was it because of the bed bugs
or because of that custard called Joe ?

Perhaps it was caused by the stories
of his work on the docks and his wealth
or the holes in her stockings and hunger
that made her leave home with such stealth.

He begged of her to forgive him
and promised another two punds a week
if she sewed up the holes in her stockings
and didn't give any more cheek.

We begged her not to believe him,
and recall what he'd done before
like crushing her hands in the mangle
for refusing to paint the front door.

So why did Dolly go back ?
Well -she vowed she'd do him in,
and bury him under the rubbish
that's thrown by The little House bin !

That's why Dolly returned,
now she's rich and famous as well
and dines off pork belly and chicken
whilst Joe wears her stockings -in Hell !

By Bill Curran