Liverpool Heaven

To those of us who’ve lost a child, only we can know the pain,
the ache that never goes away, our loss is heavens gain.

Do you believe in heaven? I really do not know,
perhaps a Liverpool heaven, where all our children go.

No matter how old, when they died, either two or twenty seven,
they’ll always be our children, perhaps in Liverpool heaven.

Still supporting family teams, wearing red and blue,
watching over their home town, and over me and you.

They call a man a widower, when his wife she passes on,
they call a woman a widow, when her husband he has gone.

There’s no ONE word for parents, How could there ever be?
for just one word, cannot describe, the loss to you and me.

To the parents of our city, who’ve lost a child this way,
I wish you well for all the days when the grief won’t go away.

By Pauline E Speak