King John’s scouse

When King John signed the charter, he was no-ones fool,
his scribe had said, “Aye King John wot about this Liverpul?
so how about you give the nod, and you can seal its’ fate,
we’ve Toxteth and West Derby here, but Liverpul looks great,

In the year 1190, when you were just a prince, you signed a deed for Liverpul,
and you aint done nothing since.
you gave Liverpul to your falconer, seventeen years ago,
these folks are great, they deserve the best, on them you should bestow

A charter royal, for they deserve, the honour, use your nouse!
besides the fact, the judies there make a lovely pan of scouse
if you sign that charter now, you’ll certainly hear their cheers,
I’ll bet they’ll still be cheering in the next eight hundred years.”

So King John thought, he’s got a point and maybe I just will,
grant the charter to this place, “Alright lad, pass that quill,”
the deed is done, the king has signed, now he’s off home to his spouse,
taking back the recipe for a lovely pan of scouse.

By Pauline E Speak