Rememberances of Youth

The war had ended, and so had schooldays
Time to for earning a living but also have fun.
Worked for Harrisons, and then Stock Exchange
Had fun on the ‘bike’ as we went for a run …
Over the bridge into the hills of wales
With scrambles and cider - then thru the dales.

Evenings sailing back and forth on the Ferry
With a boatload of friends – singing and laughing
We were all so merry
In Summer New Brighton .. and the baths and the dance
In the tower, or back at the Grafton.

Off to the Roller Rink … what a time we all had.
With skating parties marking the season
And then, joy of joys, met my husband to be
And sailed far away to distant shores. Love was the reason.

54 years on and still make scouse! to misquote a famed poet,
there’s still a corner of a foreign field that is always De Pool … Go Reds

By Nita Jones