Me mam and dad

Married young
with 4 kids -
their hands full,
but happy.

From Canterbury heights
to the Radcliffe estate,
dad on the docks,
me mam juggling a job at the college &
chasing after us lot -
we were good kids - sometimes a little mischievous but
with a loving mum & dad.

The estate had it's problems
but still with a community spirit
and we all looked out for eachother.
I had some of my best
childhood times there.

Then on to Reservoir Street
with it's huge water tower
looming over us.
Dad was at the Royal by now
going ward to ward,
known and liked by all.
Me mam, still the foundation
of our family,
and still looking after us all.

And now,
still happily married,
I hope they realise
how proud I am of them,
and how much I want to
thank them
for all they have done
for me.

By John Arthur