From the Pain the Slavery Trade did gain

From the pain the slavery trade did gain
wealth was delivered to the home of one
Mr James Penny of the Lane.

Penny Lane sang “Great improvements have
been made at Liverpool within these twenty years
in the construction of the ships.
The space between the decks is sufficiently large
to contain the number of negroes
above-mentioned and is plained,
very smooth and painted.”

Shall we forget the shame of Mr James Penny Lane?

But lets Celebrate not all were born to hate.

Roscoe became, against the grain an MP
thus an election was won by this man, a Liverpool son

Roscoe sang ,'For thirty years I have never ceased
to condemn this inhuman traffic
and I consider it the greatest happiness in my life
to lift up my voice on this occasion against it
with the friends of the future of humanity.’

So in Liverpool a battle was won,
but the pain still remains
The world in one City was is not a cry heard by all
so with this poem I make a simple call

Let us stand up against hate,
let racism not be this Cities fate,
lets stand together before it is too late.

By Andrew Macaulay