Liverpool, My Liverpool Roots

I experienced the changes of Liverpool, My Liverpool with sights and sounds
over the years. My granddad was a docker, my grandmother loved her CoOp

Through the good days and the bad days, the family stayed together. Family
Meant something to our parents and our rellies each one so caring and loving.
Even a stranger in need was cared for. No matter what the trials and tribulations

I sailed out of the River Mersey to far away places
looking for adventures but always in my heart I yearned for my
Liverpool roots and family at home. No matter how far or wide around the world I
Traveled, Liverpool, My Liverpool is my home. The grass is not always
Greener! Scousers always go home.

I have watched the faces of our Liverpool change and
wonder what it will be like in another 100 years? The older generation
Is departing and a new generation is emerging. I can only hope that years
from now that, families will still be together and individuals care for each other.

My Liverpool will always be in my heart and my home forever.

My words to Liverpool, My Liverpool, Happy 800 years and many more.

By Marge Medley

By Marge Medley