I left my heart in Liverpool

I left my heart in Liverpool,
The day I moved away.
I strained my eyes as it drew back,
To different shades of grey.
The train kept pulling 'til iI saw
My Liverpool, no more.
And all I had were memories,
Of the place that I adore.
I tried my best to keep in touch,
And went home when I could.
As time went on, I didn't go
As often as I should.
I got on with my new found life,
I worked and earned my pay.
I became 'the token scouser'
But my life was in disarray.
I'd broken up with one I'd loved,
There was just one thing to do,
To go right back to Liverpool
And find my heart anew.
When my decision had been made,
I found myself a home.
And then commuted every day,
never more to roam.
I'd made it back and here I am
for ever and a day.
Proud to be from Liverpool,
In each and every way.

By Penny Read