The Albert Dock

I love to go down to the Albert Dock
Whatever the weather may be.
Those massive square buildings stand firm as a rock
And hold fascination for me.

I dream of the halcyon days of yore
When the river was vibrant, alive.
When tall ships and small ships and liners galore,
Sailed on the evening tide.

I see all the emigrants, lonely and poor,
Bound for distant domain.
Waving farewell to the Liverpool shore,
Perhaps never to see “home” again.

I close my eyes and hear voices of men
Working so hard and so long.
Hoisting tobacco and cotton bales, then
Singing an old shanty song.

Back in the summer of 1984
The tall ships sailed back up the river,
Delighting the people who watched from the shore
Who wished they could sail back forever.

This year the tall ships will sail in once more,
As proud and majestic as ever,
And I shall be there on the Liverpool shore,
To welcome them back to our river.

By Mrs Agnes M Kelly