Tony Beep Beep

Do you remember Tony Beep Beep
he was mostly round Old Swan
a lovely lad, who made us laugh
now sadly Tony's gone.

You would see him with his thumb out
at a traffic light
ordering the cars to beep
be it day or night.

Beep! Beep! he would shout to cars
and buses on the go
he would do it in the sunshine
rain, or sleet, or snow.

A joy to see the drivers
arms out, thumbs held high
hooting on the horn for him
as they went passing by.

Taxi men, lorry drivers
police cars beeped as well
people riding bicycles
would ring out on their bell.

He would turn up many places
on his beeping tour
from Scottie to the Dingle
Croxteth to Clubmoor.

He was a Liverpool character
his memory we should keep
so if you're driving through Old Swan
give that horn a Beep!

By Anthony Hogan