The World In One City

Liverpool, Liverpool is the heart of the Northwest,
We’ve got a history as deep as an old treasure chest.
A Mersey Paradise on the edge of the sea,
We got the Capital of Culture- What a victory!
There’s two cathedrals, one old and one new
And of course there is Liverpool red and Everton blue.
From Toxteth to Granby to Wavertree Road
It’s a mix of different cultures you may have been told
From Croxy, to Childwall, to Penny Lane
If you’ve been to Liverpool once you’ll come back again.
From festivals to carnivals to the Creamfields events,
To many a good night, has Liverpool been lent.
The River Mersey like a famous swimming pool
It’s been through lots of changes and now it’s so cool
The football fans, now there’s a different score
When it’s a derby, few want a draw,
First there’s the reds, we’ll start off with them
Standing up proud; Benitez’ Men
Alonso, Carragher and Stevie G
They are part of Liverpool history.
Now the other side, the team who play in blue
Get down to Goodison and look at the view.
We can’t forget music, not with Mathew Street,
The place that created the old Mersey beat.
The Beatles they played many a hard day’s night
The beehives, the flares, Oh what a sight!
There’s been lots of happy times, but also some sad
For the Hillsborough families we still feel really bad
It was a tough time when many sadly died
Children and adults, alike both cried.
But Liverpool united one and the same
The brilliant colours will make you come back again.

By Form 71 Childwall Sports College