Elvis Never Left The Liver Building

Elvis never came in body but
he flooded us with his spirit.
Queuing outside the Abby Cinema
to watch our idol jailhouse rock,
even the Liver Birds and my dad got all shook up.

Bopping in Clear View youth club,
a lonesome tonight Dansette record player,
with red, green and blue pulsing lights.
Boys sugar and water slicked back hair,
girls pony tail, petticoats and waspie belt,
wanting to be his loving teddy bear.

A now or never, love me tender
last waltz under dimmed lights,
may end in a heartbreak hotel or return to sender
but Elvis never left us lonesome tonight
and we will never stop loving you Elvis,
even three hundred years from now.

16th of August -2007

By Dave Jeffreys