Liverpool - Our City

My Liverpool, just like the theatre
scenes changing by day and by night
it's citizens playing a leading role
and living at life with their might

The backdrop a skyline of spires and domes
stage lighting controlled from above
street corner musicians are playing
the theme, be it tragic or love

As I walk through the city at night-time
past people with worries and cares
hear street vendors shouting, see call girls touting
both trying to sell their wares

The seasons come 'round at a regular pace
with Summer the dawn chorus brings
an extravaganza of music and song
when even the Liver Birds sing

Unlike Dickens with Scrooge, some things never change
rich men ride around in big cars
while the poor and the hungry have no place to go
so they spend the night under the stars

Our city, just like the theatre
trying hard to make it pay
the seats in the circle left empty
the patrons were moving away

But now they return to our city
the theatre once more full of zest
we stand and call for an encore
"Our city is one of the best."


By Kenneth Smith