William Rathbone

Rathbone the family name
Wealthy by far to much aclaim
Philanthopist, and champion of the poor
Did much for nurses thats for sure
Built education and teaching for all to share
Lived in Toxteth, and breathed the air
His statue stands upright and tall
In the gardens, back of Georgies Hall
Greenbank House was his abode
Round greenbank & Sefton Park the family rode
left the house to Liverpool Corpie and university
Student accomodation now occupies the place
With men like him did liverpool grow
they planted ideas, and good thing to sow
my school was built by him I am told
10 years I attended from 44 to 53
Then I left aged just 15 yes me
Started work almost right away
Still employed up to this day
Life been good in my fair city
hope you like this little ditty.

By Sandyman