The Dockers Umbrella

The Dockers umbrella, so said me old fella
had a train up in the sky
and when it lashed down, they`d all hang around
keepin the old bones dry

Me father was sure, for two bob or more
yer could buy anythin under there
they would sell you ciggies, and bacon from piggies
none of the bobbies would care

An if you was smarter, you`d chat to a carter
feed suger lumps to his horse
he always had chocky, an stout in a bocky
you`d get none of that of course

You`d catch a tellin, from a Mary Ellen
if you tried to zig zag the road
she`d grab yer ear, an fill yer with fear
you`d do as you where told

The Echo seller, a lovely old fella
would catch the crowd goin home
he`d give a joke, an light yer smoke
but never with a moan

Then one day, they took it all away
the umbrella was no more
you can still see signs, of olden times
on the dock road, close to the shore

now all that hustle, all that bustle
is all just a memory past
an we still think back, to that high up track
happy days that went ever so fast

By Anthony Hogan