If You Were Me

If you were me, or my age or had lived the life I have led.....
I could have dreamt it but, if not...................
You might have been there to see Ken Dodd emerging from an Old Swan fishmongers with a mermaid in his arms,
Or played footy with Shanks after school at the Eddies one night.
You may have witnessed the pope emerge from the dawn mist in his Popemobile on Carnatic Road whilst sat on someone's wall at 5 in the morning.
Were you there to see the Police beg Iggy to curtail his gig at the Royal Court on the night the riots began?
You might have been a toddler bumping into the knee of a larger than life Brian Blessed on Lime Street when Z Cars was BIG.
Or been lifted from the ground by a pipe smoking Harold Wilson in Huyton Village.
You may have had your 'Balls of Fire' signed by Alan Ball , been mesmerised by the 'Dancing Waters' or twisted to the Beatles marionettes -all atT.J. Hughes.
You may remember Silly Billies , the last Trumpet and the scary staff behind the counter at the old Probe.
You may have seen 'Big in Japan' at Roughwood Comp!
Are you proud to know the fella' who ran on the pitch at the '66 F.A. Cup Final?
Or to have grown up around half the characters from Scully?
Did you get to see Di Stefano and Puskas play at South Liverpool?
Have you ever managed to do your weekend's shopping whilst sat with a pint in the Eagle , the Bluebell or the Punch and Judy?
Do you remember Huyton's own Golden Mile?
Were you ever treated to a tale in the palms of your hands from the balloon-flying storyteller on the Mosscroft?
And what can possibly claim to be most representative memory of all?
In this life in the Pool of Life?
Could it be waiting in anticipation outside the Town Hall for Hatton to set his illegal budget?
Or stood on the steps of St. George's Hall wondering ,
'Why Aswad?' at the John Lennon vigil?
Then again, it could be seeing the burning effigies of Billy on the balconies the day they opened Paddy's Wigwam.
You may have been at Wembley that day when we all sang,
Merseyside, Merseyside, Merseyside.
If you were me , or had lived the life I have led.........you may not have much in your wallet;
But what times, what friends , what riches...................
Thankyou Liverpool

By Gary Gornell