The Port Of Your Sole

In the immensity of the cosmos
I visualize in the distance a rain of stars,
sign mŗgica of the eternal love
that was remaining suspended in the celestial thing...
Stars that were radiating light and radiance.
The night your name was whispering quedamente to my oždos,
since in order that he did not forget you
and your imagen was remaining engraved forever.
His mantle deposit in my shoulders
and melancholic reafirm my words...

We embrace each other the two,
in the end woman, both cÚmplices of lonelinesses,
of dreams, of secrets, of waits and endless absences.
Oh Liverpool, why are u doing with me?
I love you so much and I can not tell why.

You have remained under the Sun
but the stars illuminate your days...
Because the magic of the mystery achieves that never disappear...
To come here, to you, Liverpool my home,
neither walls, nor borders exist...

It is at the time when I like your arms
and I will open my soul in order that you were entering her...
I sent to you a thousand times,
the nature itself, the sea, the waves, the boat of your dreams...
The port of your soul...

By Maria Gutierrez Navarro