My memories of the Old Liverpool

Can you remember the Knocker Upperer,
with an early wake up call.
or how about the Gas Lighter with his light up pole.
The horse drawn Milkman, Rag and Boneman rattling his plates,
wheeling his handcart shouting "any rag bone any scrap iron."
The horse drawn roundabout, 1 jam jar a ride,
the Spekeland Castle, sitting outside with crisps and lemo.
Bursting tar bubbles in the road, eating rice pudding with the skin,
from round the edge because its cooler.
Giving my aunties clean army shirts to the Ragman for a balloon.
"You little bugger," I got called as they hunted for the Ragman.
Mum knitting a balaclava and mitts out of an old jumper.
the smog... oh so thick.
When someone mugged you they gave you money,
and the only gun you fired was at the Fair.
New Brighton in its hey day,
“Stay behind the brass strip” shouted the Ferryman “or your not getting off.”.
These few memories I hope remind you of days in Old Liverpool.

By Bill Murphy